LOGIQ sets the standard for intelligent and creative puzzles

LOGIQ - clever puzzles for smart people

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Dice Puzzle Logic

LOGIC combines dice and puzzles utilizing the universally recognized imagery of the dice

Brain Stimulating

LOGIQ stimulates your brain in a curious, creative and analytical way.

Always a Solution

Every level has at least one solution – no sudden redrawing if the game reaches a dead-end

Unique Level Play

Each level is generated uniquely for you – want to go back and take level 20 again? You’ll be faced with a fresh challenge (of equal difficulty)


The latest news about LOGIQ and the company behind Puzzled & Co.

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Press Release

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Game Screen Shots

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LOGIQ is available for free on any mobile device. Download today and see if you are smarter than your friends.

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Puzzled & Co.

The hard working guys pushing fun LOGIQ to the next level

T. Lind

Founder & Finance

J. Benner

Founder & Product

C. Lobber

Co-founder & Marketing

P. Knudsen

Investor & Technology Advisor

M. Stenbjerre

Investor & Strategy Advisor